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Newton County Fiscal Year 2024 External Appropriation Application

  1. Newton County, Georgia 1821
  2. Newton County Fiscal Year 2024 External Appropriation Application

  3. Please provide the information requested below no later than Feb.1, 2023. If you have additional information you would like the County to consider, please feel free to send to, subject line Appropriation.

  4. 3. Please list your primary funding sources other than the County and the percentage of your budget they represent:

  5. 4. Check this box if you received funding from Newton County in the past.
  6. Enter amount for past three fiscal years.

  7. Please describe the potential impact in detail.

  8. Please describe your business here.

  9. 7. Check this box if your program or project have a strategic plan or business plan in place.
  10. Enter duration of need here.

  11. Describe steps here.

  12. Please be specific.

  13. Please be specific.

  14. Describe benefits here.

  15. Please be specific. 

  16. 14. if you received funds from Newton County in Fiscal Year 2023 please provide specific goals set by your organization

  17. 15. Please review the Newton County Strategic Plan and respond to the following for fiscal year 2024:

    1. Please provide goal measures in terms of one of the following:
      1. Activities: the processes or actions that use a range of inputs to produce the desired outputs and ultimately outcomes. In essence, activities describe "what we do".
      2. Outputs: the final products, or goods and services produced for delivery. Outputs may be defined as "what we produce or deliver".
      3. Outcomes: the medium-term results for specific beneficiaries that are the consequence of achieving specific outputs. outcomes should relate clearly to your strategic goals and objectives. outcomes are "what we wish to achieve".
      4. Impacts: the results of achieving specific outcomes, such as reducing poverty and creating jobs.
  18. Please provide the following along with your application:
  19. *Newton County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to deny a request from any external appropriation for any reason at all.
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