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Posted on: August 18, 2021

Masks required in County facilities


Newton County Board of Commissioners adopted a mask-wearing ordinance on Aug. 3, effective at midnight Aug. 4.

The ordinance requires the wearing of a mask in unincorporated areas of the County and County facilities in the incorporated areas of the County. The new policy will expire on Dec. 31, 2021, unless changed earlier by the Newton County Board of Commissioners.

Mask Ordinance

The policy requires employees of the County and members of the public 8-years and older to utilize masks when entering and while inside County buildings.

Along with children under the age of 8, other exemptions to the mask ordinance are:

  1.  When Social Distancing is possible and being actively practiced;
  2. In personal vehicles;
  3.  If a medical provider has advised against the use of face covering due to underlying medical issue or because wearing such covering presents a health, safety or security risk;
  4. To the extent removal of the covering is necessary to receive personal services;
  5. To the extent removal of a covering is necessary to treat or examine a person subject to the direction of a medical professional;
  6.  When consuming food or beverages
  7. To the extent temporary removal of the face cloth is necessary for the purposes of verifying one’s identity for the purposes of law enforcement, purchasing alcohol, tobacco or prescription drugs;
  8. If a person is employed and working in their capacity as a governmental professional or medical professional and is wearing more protective equipment or otherwise prohibited from utilizing a face covering by policy of their employer;
  9. I wearing a mask poses a greater mental or physical health safety or security risk such as having trouble breathing, unconscious, incapacitated or being unable to remove or put on the face covering without assistance;
  10. If an individual has a bona fide conscientious objection to wearing a face covering based upon health, ethical or religious reasons; or
  11. For purposes of entering or exiting any Polling Place in connection with voting or participating in election activities.

The mask policy is to be enforced by Newton County employees, including Newton County Sheriff’s Office and/or code enforcement officers. Anyone in violation of the mask ordinance may be removed from County facilities and/or denied service at the County facility.

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