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I have been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls recently about a problem that has been popping up in our community lately and I don’t merely want to discuss it in this week’s Chairman’s Corner but sit down and show you how Newton County is working to solve it.

In this week’s Chairman’s Corner, I sat down and recorded a video with our County Manager Lloyd Kerr to discuss the issue of trash being dumped on the side of the roadways throughout Newton County.

Myself, Kerr and all the Commissioners in Newton County have been receiving phone calls and emails from concerned citizens on this matter. Of course, we encourage everyone in Newton County to do their parts and respect our environment, respect our roadways and respect others and dispose of their trash properly. However, this is not happening and I do not want to sit by and let our wonderful community become a trash dump.

During Tuesday’s Board of Commissioner’s meeting, Kerr will present the Board of Commissioners with a proposal to clean up our roadways. We will tackle this problem by doing the following:

  • Hire 10 temporary employees to be managed by Public Works
  • Create three crews for trash cleanup
  • Begin by having the crews pick up trash by hand starting with the west side of the County
  • After the west side, which has been most impacted, is under control the crews will spread throughout the County.
  • Purchase new equipment (essentially large rakes) to be driven throughout the county to pick up trash, along with our boom truck.

I want to ensure the residents of Newton County that myself, the Board of Commissioners and our County Manager have heard the complaints and recognized the problem of trash in our community and are taking action to fix it.

Thank you for reaching out to your local officials and helping to make Newton County a better place for all who live here.

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