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Welcome to the Newton County Business Community

Our department is responsible for assisting business owners in obtaining their occupation tax / business license and alcohol licenses. We understand that starting a business can be exciting and challenging, we hope the following information will assist you in your new adventure. Thank you for choosing Newton County!


We accept applications during the following hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
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Please Contact the Business License Clerk at 678-625-1655

Occupation Tax / Business License

Each person engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation in unincorporated Newton County, Georgia, whether with a location in Newton County or in the case of an out-of-state business with no location in Georgia exerting substantial efforts within the state pursuant to O.C.G.A. S 48-13-7, shall pay an occupation tax.  A separate license is required for each branch or location of business.

Business Types

Home Occupation

Includes all home based businesses and home offices.  A home based business is allowed if it merely serves as the base office of operations and the activity does not create any traffic or noise, and does not involve customers or employees at the home. 

The use of residential property for business purposes requires the completion of our Newton County Home Occupation Tax / Business License Application.


Generally includes all businesses located within commercially zoned areas within the county (retail shops, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, etc.).

Child Day Care Facility & Center

Includes any establishment operated by any person, society, corporation, institution or any group, with or without compensation for the group care of children under 18 years of age. 

Adult Day Care Facility & Center

Includes any establishment operated by any person with or without compensation for providing for the care, supervision, and oversight, only during day-time hours, for adults who are elderly, physically ill, or physically / mentally handicapped.

Group Residence

Any dwelling or facility in which full-time residential care is provided for persons as a single housekeeping unit. All Group Residences require our Zoning Administrator’s approval first. Call 770-784-2018 to schedule an appointment.

Alcoholic Beverage

Businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to sell or supply alcohol must have an alcohol license. No license shall be issued for the sale of wine or malt beverages at retail, by the package for consumption off-premises, except in retail establishments devoted to retail sales which maintain at least 80 percent of the floor space and storage area in a manner which is devoted principally to the retail sale of grocery products, and located in zoning districts in which retail establishments are permitted as a conforming use. 

Alcohol Ordinances
No license shall be issued for the sale of wine, beer or malt beverage by the drink for consumption on the premises except in eating establishments as defined by the Alcohol Ordinance and hotels with eating establishments on the premises where such eating establishments and hotels are located in zoning districts that permit such conforming use. For sales by the drink for on-premises consumption, a pouring permit is required.

Non-Traditional Tobacco Paraphernalia

Businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to sell non-traditional tobacco paraphernalia shall pay an annual license fee and shall maintain their entire inventory of non-traditional tobacco paraphernalia in a location with tobacco products for sale, or if no tobacco products are for sale, behind a counter and at least 10 feet from a window.