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Newton County's District Commissioners, the Newton County Bicentennial Committee, and Keep Newton Beautiful are hosting a series of Service Days in our community.  The Service Days will feature roadside litter cleanup events in each Commission District. Participants will pick up free t-shirts and cleanup supplies at staging locations and then go out to targeted areas to pick up litter. 

Rivers Alive!--Saturday, September 25

Join your friends and neighbors to help clean up waterways around Newton County. Participants will meet at Longhorn Steakhouse of Covington at 9 a.m. to pickup free t-shirts, breakfast, and cleanup supplies.  Groups will travel to cleanup sites along the Alcovy, South, and Yellow Rivers and their tributaries and also along area lakes to remove litter and larger trash items. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Keep Newton Beautiful does not provide transportation from Longhorn to cleanup sites.  Each participant is responsible for his/her own transportation.

People interested in participating should complete a registration packet.  Group organizers/leaders should fill out one registration form for their group. For example, the Newton High School Beta Club would be considered a group.  All of the Beta Club members would work together at the same cleanup site.  The Beta Club leader should fill out a registration form and include t-shirt sizes for all the members who will participate together in the event.  (Groups can be any size; although, due to the pandemic, leaders are encouraged to break large groups into smaller working groups to allow for distancing. Individual participants are also welcome.)  This registration form should be emailed to by September 19. This allows time for pre-packing and labeling t-shirts and cleanup supplies for each group. 

Each individual event participant will need to fill out three forms: a waiver form, a prescreening health survey, and a safety rules form.  For example, each Newton High School Beta Club member who wants to participate would fill out all three of these forms. These forms can be turned in at Longhorn on September 25.

If group leaders prefer to get their supplies from the Keep Newton Beautiful office and meet their group members at cleanup sites, time slots will be available for early pickup of supplies.  Each leader can send a group member to Longhorn on September 25 to pick up breakfast and bring it to the cleanup site for everyone in his/her group. 

Keep Newton Beautiful is monitoring Covid-19 numbers for our area and will make adjustments to the event as necessary.

Print out and complete Rivers Alive Registration Packet 

Questions?  Call us at 770-784-2015 or send email to

FREE Paper Shred Event--Monday, November 15 



As an affiliate of Keep Georgia Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful, Keep Newton Beautiful
(KNB) provides environmental education in our community.

KNB participates in the community in the following ways:

  • KNB works on projects focusing on litter prevention, beautification, recycling, and water pollution prevention. 
  • KNB staff and volunteers visit schools with puppet shows and other educational programs, speak at club and organizational meetings, and participate in festivals and expos. 
  • KNB also sponsors cleanups and recycling events throughout the year. 
  • KNB relies on government and grant funding, private contributions, and volunteer participation.

Our Mission

To challenge, motivate, and inspire everyone to take responsibility for a clean and beautiful community


The Newton County Board of Commissioners has recently hired workers to pick up litter along roadsides in our community.

See video:

If you would like to help by cleaning up roadside litter in your area, please contact us at or 770-784-2015 to request trashbags, gloves, and vests.  

If your family, neighborhood, church, scout, club, fraternity/sorority, school group, etc. would like to Adopt a Mile, please contact us.

Adopt a Mile Application 

Please help us spread the word about the importance of keeping our community clean!

  • Remind your family and friends to always dispose of trash properly.
  • Bag your trash securely so that it doesn't blow in the wind.
  • Cover loads in the back of your pickup truck with a tarp.
  • Report litter and illegal dumping.
  • Keep your home and work place free of litter.

Report Littering & Illegal Dumping

Call 911 if you witness anyone littering or dumping.  Many residents are hesitant to call 911, but doing so allows your complaint to be registered in the system and is the recommended and proper way to report.

Send a Message

You can Send a Message to KNB if you have any questions or concerns.

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