Impact Fees

Newton County's Impact Fee program began in 2005. Impact fees are a one-time fee on development. 

Development is defined as the following: 

  • A building or structure
  • Any construction or expansion of a building, structure or use
  • Any change in use of land
  • The connection of any building or structure to a public utility

Determining an Impact Fee

To determine whether an impact fee will be assessed, the Impact Fee Coordinator first determines the applicable land use category for the use of the facility based on the information given at the time of the application. An impact fee for the use is then assessed based on the established fee schedule. Credits may be given for reuse of an existing building to "pay down" the impact fee assessed on the new use (business type).

When are Impact Fees required?

  • On residential properties only. In Newton County, fees assessed on residential development pay for both local road improvements as well as specified community projects, such as libraries and parks.
  • Prior to the issuance of a business license or building permit from Newton County.

Grandfather Clause

Buildings that were constructed prior to the effective date of the impact fee ordinance are 'grandfathered' in for their initial use. After that, a fee may be assessed based on changes to the building or the use of the building.

In order to get your impact fee assessment, please provide the following information by emailing or call at 678-625-1651:

  • Name and contact information
  • Physical address/location of the project site
  • Square footage of the facility


All payments are made at the Newton County Department of Development Services.

More Information

More in depth information on impact fees made be obtained by visiting the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.