Animal Services


Field & Enforcement Services

Animal Services field officers respond to the following routine calls for service:

  • Routine patrols
  • Impound of stray and/or unrestrained dogs
  • Vicious animal complaints
  • Cruelty, neglect and abandoned animal investigations and complaints
  • Animal bites, declaration of dangerous, vicious or public threat dogs
  • Animal noise complaints
  • Injured animal rescues
  • Loose livestock on roadways
  • Public Safety Departments’ requests for assistance
    After hours, weekend and holiday animal control services are limited to emergencies only. Emergency calls for service include:
    Emergency calls for service include:
  • Injured companion animals with no one to come to their aid
    Aggressive animal(s) running at large
    Animals that have bitten a human

Shelter Services

  • Animal Adoptions
  • Intake of animals brought to the shelter as strays or owner surrender
  • Implantation of Microchips
  • Coordinate with licensed rescue
  • Spay or Neuter in in-house surgical suite for adopted animals


  • Animals cannot be tethered anywhere in Newton County unless directly attended by its owner
  • All dogs and cats over 4 months of age must have current rabies vaccinations