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Poll Official Information Form

  1. Poll Worker Application

    Poll workers are compensated as contracted/seasonal/temporary worker without additional benefits. Advance voting weekly work hours can range from 20-30 hours per week and no overtime compensation available. Election Day schedule will be 16-18 hours. (Election Day - there are no half-day schedules) This is not an overtime position. Poll workers are assigned as positions are available.

  2. Previous Polling Experience
  3. Previous Polling Location
  4. Approval

    By submitting this application you are stating, "I am at least 16 years of age, able to read, write and speak the English language, I do not hold a public office, nor am I related to a candidate whose name will appear on the ballot and I am a United States Citizen". (GA Election code 21-2-92).

  5. Finances

    **Checking Account information will be required during onboarding for Direct Deposit compensations.

  6. Job Description
    • Election Day schedule: 5:30 a.m.- until dismissed by Poll Manager (setup and breakdown)
    • Able to lift voting equipment - estimated 35-40 pounds per unit
    • Computer/tablet skills requested (Process for checking in voters)
    • Customer Service - Greet and assist voters with questions
    • May have to assist with line control inside and outside of the precinct
    • All workers provide their own food and snacks for the day
    • Available to work at any precinct within Newton County must be able to endure prolonged standing
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