Farmers Market

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If you are interested in becoming a vendor in the 2021 Farmers Market, click on the image below to fill out an electronic application:


Our Weekly Vendors Include:

  • Betsy's Homemade Preserves
  • BJ's Bob B Que
  • Cactis Girl Boutique
  • Furberry's
  • Granny Nay's Pound Cake
  • House of Glam Couture
  • Ile Ife Organics
  • Issa Funnel
  • Jody's Farm
  • kaeLaboratory
  • MaddLulu
  • Studio Pansy
  • The Crafty Ladies
  • Tropical Delights Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

Pricing Information for Potential Vendors:

  1. Full Participation (May-October) for $250
  2. 5 week session for $125

Payment Due Dates:

  1. 25 weeks (full program) due after vendor application is received 
  2. 1st session (5/11-6/8) due Friday, May 7th
  3. 2nd session (6/15-7/13) due Friday, June 11th
  4. 3rd session (7/20-8/17) due Friday, July 16th
  5. 4th session (8/24-9/21) due Friday, August 20th
  6. 5th session (9/28-10/26) due Friday, September 24th
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Each vendor should plan on providing their own equipment. This includes tents, tables, tablecloths, chairs, advertisement and displays, product descriptions and price sheets, take home bags, food sampling supplies, change, etc. 

For more information on how to become a vendor, please contact Jillian at 770-786-4373 ext. 1035 or by email at