Completing a Business Application

Filling Out a Business Application

Tips When Completing an Occupation Tax / Business License Application:

  •  All owners must be listed. If corporation, all corporate officers must be listed
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed
  • Please use the Checklist provided to make sure you have obtained all supporting documentation
  • A Post Office Box can be used for the mailing address but cannot be used for the business location
  • Read the application thoroughly and complete all sections that apply
  • Some professions require additional State of Georgia licensing or certification. Check with your specific State Department in which your area of expertise may be regulated. Some businesses may require additional review, permits, certificates, etc, from other County Departments, prior to acceptance of a business license application

Important to Remember

  • The Newton County Business License Department does not issue licenses for locations within any city limits
  • General information regarding your business license is public record.  Anyone can obtain that information.  We do not sell the information; however, it is available to anyone who asks for it.  Any personal information taken for identification purposes only is not public record
  • Having a business license doesn’t mean you “own” the name that you have selected for your business.  In order to “own” the name, you will need to register the Trade Name or DBA with the Newton County Superior Clerks Office
  • To incorporate your business, contact the Office of the Secretary of State, Corporate Division for details
  • If you are selling a product, you will need  a sales tax number, contact the Georgia Department of Revenue
  • For a Federal Employer Identification (FEI) Number, contact the Internal Revenue Service

If you want to verify a business license or wish to report a business operating without a license, please send your request / complaint by email to the Business License Office.